I work sound and visual matter; (music, graphic, web and video) about the notions of noise, interference, conspiracy, scrambling and disrupted informations, for create some noise and abstraction. I created graphic artworks and posters, videos, sound installations and performances, musical compositions and albums. I work about our current events, anxiety, information and media, about mythology, the Old Testament, or history.

Bio for musical thing:
"Paskine is an artist, musician and graphic designer living and working in Marseille (France). In his compositions Paskine shows a strong interest in the noise, repetition, abstraction and experimental stage. Paskine's music could be described as ambient and noisy, or simply experimental. Paskine composes his music with the willingness to create forms and sounds that were previously inaccessible to the music made with traditional musical instruments. He works with field-recording or records find in archives, and composed synthesized sounds produced by computer. He want to create immerssive soundscapes, Invasive wall of sound, deconstructed melodies, rhythmic barely blown, and creating with abstraction of form some kind of idea of narration. His first album named Nimrod was released in 2014 on the label Voxxov-Records."